Sunday, September 17, 2017

3 Months Old

This past week Dempsey turned 3 months old.  He has been a little under the weather, but I was able to capture a few pictures this weekend.

Adelaide had to move her chair next to him.
This past month Dempsey started Methodist Day School.  He started off pretty much sleeping the majority of the day, but he is slowly warming up. :)

Going Into MDS
Leaving MDS
Dempsey's 2nd Day - Our first day for all 3 to go to school!
Dempsey also made his first visit to church.  For the first time, we let him stay with us.  
Now, he is enjoying being in the nursery with his friends.

1st Time Going to Church

Small Group
I believe Dempsey looks a lot like Adelaide when she was a baby.  Adelaide says he does not look like her, because he does not have "sprinkles" on his face.  (a.k.a. freckles)






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