Saturday, December 2, 2017

5 Months Old

This post should have been written a few weeks ago, but Dempsey has been suffering from a double ear infection that has taken almost a month to clear up.  He was a trooper and tried to maintain his happy composure, but he definitely was not himself.  So here is his 5 month update with more firsts:

Although he has been rolling over for a month or so, he has now mastered rolling back and forth.  

He loves to watch what is going on around him so he enjoys time in the Bumbo.

He attended his first Tomcat football game.  He watched some of the game, but then he fell asleep.

He had his first Halloween.  He was a cow.  I don't think he really knew what to think about everything.

 We also took our first set of cotton pictures.  Here is a glimpse of a few of Dempsey:

Dempsey and Adelaide




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