Friday, September 9, 2011

A Prayer Request - God Working His Plan

When I was in high school and college, I always enjoyed delivering Thanksgiving baskets with my church the Monday before Thanksgiving.  I have always loved missions, and this was a way for me to give back to my community.  Through the many years that I delivered the baskets, I met a lot of needy families, went to some unusual places for delivery, and traveled to many areas of the town that I was never allowed to be in before.  Many distinct images are stuck in my head from these experiences.  However, one image became a constant prayer request in my daily walk with God.  Words can never justify this experience, but here is a recap of that one time:

On this occasion, I was the driver for our group to deliver Thanksgiving baskets.  As I drove to the new spots, my delivery group (It probably consisted of David Watts and Kay Gibbs but I don't remember for sure.  We were like the three amigos on Thanksgiving Basket Day...haha!) always discussed how we were going to handle the next stop.  However, we always knew that anything could change this plan.  For this specific place, we had the address to the place, and we knew to expect a lot of children.  However, I was not exactly sure of where this place was located although I knew exactly where the street was.  After finally finding the place, we drove up to a pretty run-down trailer with the door wide open and children running everywhere.  I remember as I got out of the Jeep that a little girl ran up to me in only a diaper.  She could not talk, but she was very loving.  As we got the stuff out of the Jeep to deliver, the kids yelled for the adult.  (I cannot remember if it was their mom or grandmother, but I do remember a woman.)  We walked up on the porch to deliver the basket of goods.  The whole time I walked the little girl followed me.  As we got on the porch, a lady came out of the house.  I remember we talked a long time to the woman about God and inviting her and the family to church.  Before we left, she wanted us to put the basket in the house.  We typically did not try to go in houses, but with the door wide open and all the kids running around we decided that it was probably best that we did.  No words can describe the inside of that place!  My heart broke knowing that the kids outside were living here.  On top of kids, the inside was inhabited with cats.  We tried to quickly find a place to set the stuff and get out.  I was glad the woman did not come inside with us, because I am sure my face showed everything I was thinking and feeling.  Before we left, I remember we were able to say a prayer with the woman and invited her once more to church.  As we pulled out of the driveway, that same little girl stood on the porch just a waving.  I vowed on the way back into town to always remember this family in my prayers, and I have never forgotten about them especially that one little girl that stood out above all the others.

Well, back to present, like any school year teachers get their lists in the mail right before school starts back.  I got mine and only recognized two names off my list.  I always look forward to meeting new people and was excited about the first opportunity to meet my new students and their families on Curriculum Night.  Before the night began, I was told that I had a student that would have to be moved from my classroom, because she had recently been diagnosed with Autism and she would need extra assistance.  However, the move would not be happening until a couple weeks into school due to all the paperwork and so forth not coming in yet.  I was hesitant about this at first, but I pushed on like I always do.  When the girl and her family came to Curriculum Night, I immediately knew that I knew her from somewhere.  I just could not put my finger down on it at the time.  It drove me nuts the whole time I was talking to her mom that I knew I knew this girl from somewhere.

Well, the first week of school began and the little girl stayed in my room.  However, I received a letter stating that she would be moving from my room during the next week so she could receive the extra assistance.  The day I got the letter I realized that this girl was the little girl that I had met on that one Thanksgiving Basket Delivery Day many years ago.  To be positive, I went and asked a lady that had worked for the family if the family had once lived at this certain location.  The lady was astonished that I knew, she verified my speculations, and explained that they had gotten in a church and the church was helping them a little.  My heart melted as I realized that this little girl that I had been praying for for years was actually in my classroom.  I knew this had to be God's plan.

I went home that night and began praying to God to have his way in this situation.  I knew the plan was to move the girl from my room, but I truly believed that she had been put in my room for a reason.  After praying and talking with Kevin, I decided that I was going to ask if she could stay in my room for the year.  The next day I went to an administrator and asked if she could stay in my room.  I did not go into detail about the situation, because I knew if it was God's plan that it would all work itself out.  The administrator said that she was perfectly fine with her staying in my room since she knew that I would meet her special accommodations.  However, we would have to meet with the child's mother to see if this was OK with her.  I continued praying for the situation as I waited for the meeting, and I was content with anyway the solution went.  I was just still in view that it was God's plan for her to stay with me.  However, Kevin was still the only one that knew that this was the same little girl that I had prayed for over the years.

On the day of the meeting, I was not sure what to think.  Everyone was in agreement that the girl had came so far with me in so short of time that it was in the best interest of her to stay in my classroom.  However, I still needed the mom's approval which would be the deciding factor.  We (the new teacher for the child if she got moved and many others) met with the mother after school.  The options were told to the mother of what could be done for the child.  In hardly no time, she agreed that the girl should stay in my classroom!  I was so relieved, because I knew it was in God's plan since no one knew the history this little girl and I had.  The next day the little girl was excited to hear that she would be staying in my classroom.  However, I knew I just added a lot more to my plate of teaching.  I was not stressed though because I knew it was in God's will.

Prayer Requests:
With this little girl being in my room, comes a lot of work for me. 
Please pray that I will have the time throughout the day to devote to her.
Pray that she is able to make gains in a regular classroom.  (She has already, but continue to pray that she will continue.)
Pray that I will have the patience to work with her in areas that she needs help in.
Pray that the other boys and girls treat her with kindness.  (It is so sweet watching them volunteer to help her.  I am hoping this continues throughout the year.)
Pray that I am able to show the love of Jesus Christ to her and her family daily through my actions, doings, and expressions.
Pray for the girl's future. 
Pray that if I am to tell the family of our unique situation that I will know when the perfect time is.

The list could go on and on, but please pray for this little girl and me throughout the school year.  I know I just took on a huge task, but I am positive with God on my side I can make it work.  

"For God is working in you, giving you the desire and the power to do what pleases him." Philippians 2:13


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