Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Our Year in Pictures

I'm Back! Life has been crazy the past few months.  I think you will see that in the following.  I plan on getting back to regular blogging. Here is a retake of our 2014 in pictures.

Adelaide and I enjoyed watching some basketball.

My helper during my once a month grocery trip.

Kevin started working on our land.  Adelaide went to help.

Few days later, Adelaide got to play in some snow.

Adelaide all dressed up and ready for Easter service.

Hannah earned her RN degree.
The next day Adelaide was dedicated at Zion Baptist Church on Mother's Day.
I completed my sixth year teaching with these sweeties.
Adelaide enjoyed her first trip out on the boat and loved the water!

Adelaide attended her first Vacation Bible School at Zion Baptist Church.  
I enjoyed teaching the Music.
We celebrated Adelaide's 1st birthday with a lemonade party at my parents' house.  
Donations were taken up for the Carl Perkins Center instead of gifts.
The next day we celebrated Father's Day!

We celebrated the 4th of July at the river.  
Adelaide loved playing with friends during the day and watching the fireworks at night!
I taught my first Music Camp Olympics at the house. 
Adelaide and I went on her 1st Zoo Trip with these lovely ladies!
We completed another successful Cheer Camp.

We enjoyed going to see Austin at the Truck and Tractor Pull.
Football season started with a Meet and Greet at College Hill.
Adelaide was glad some of her friends came to the games.
Kevin was busy with harvesting so we had to spend family time riding with him.

Adelaide went to her 1st and only away game for the year.  
We got to watch our cousin Christopher play for Crockett.
 The next day this happened!  We moved!!!
Surprisingly, our house sold without it being on the market.  (Definitely a God thing.)
My first house on my own, as a married couple, and a family of three was no longer mine.
It was a sad time but definitely a blessing since we had planned on selling it in 2015.
The next week we celebrated our 1st Alumni Cheer Night for the Haywood Tomcats!
Adelaide began to love football.  I had to chase her off the field a couple of times.

Adelaide went on her 1st solo trip with Daddy in the combine.
We spent Fall Break preparing for the Kail wedding.  
We were excited to welcome Brandon to the family.
Adelaide did not feel good, but we survived the busy weekend.

She was able to enjoy the festivities some, too.
Mr. and Mrs. Kail
Adelaide was Minnie Mouse for Halloween.  She enjoyed visiting at Sugar Creek.
She also enjoyed a visit with Granddaddy.

I began running regularly and competed in the Marla Angotti 5K with Anna.  
This was Adelaide's 1st 5K.
Adelaide was sick on Thanksgiving, but we were able to snatch this picture of her smiling.

Anna and I made the journey to Memphis to run in the St. Jude 5K.  
It was a great and fun experience!
We enjoyed watching the Christmas Parade with the Hoopers.
We did not like sitting in Santa's lap this year.
We enjoyed Lovelace Family Christmas at Aunt Gail's the Sunday before Christmas.
Adelaide talked too much and was not able to sit through the entire Candlelight Service at BBC.
Kevin and her ended up watching a movie outside in the vehicle.
We continued the tradition of passing out gifts at Crestview.
Adelaide helped out this year.
Hard to take a family picture with Little Miss Busybody.
Adelaide loved the recliner Santa brought her.

This is just a snippet of our year.  God has truly blessed us, and I can't wait to see what he has for us in 2015.


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