Thursday, July 7, 2016

Whoopee! Adelaide is Three!

Adelaide turned three on June 14.  It seems crazy to think that we have a three year old!  We celebrated her birthday with close friends and family at our home on a Sunday afternoon.

Her jungle/animal party incorporated a snake sandwich, a pineapple palm tree, animal cracker popcorn crunch, and much more.  Since Adelaide is not too much into sweets, I decided against a cake this year.  I made homemade cupcakes and topped them with a animal picks that I found at Oriental Trading.

Adelaide was so excited when the animals showed up from Hooker Farms.  The kids loved feeding all the animals and even riding on some!

The turtle was a huge hit!

Unfortunately, a summer rainstorm blew in about an hour into the party, and everyone rushed inside the house.  I am so glad we have an open floor plan, because we had to cram a lot of people into our house at one time.  However, the kids enjoyed eating all at the table together.

We took time out to sing “Happy Birthday” to Adelaide who did not care one bit for her cupcake. (I am glad now that I did not spend a lot of time on a cake.)

I hate we didn’t get more pictures outside before the storm blew everything down, but I was able to snatch this picture of Kevin and Adelaide before the party started.  Kevin had been busy in the field right up until the party and had to go back to the field after the party, because it did not rain a mile down the road. (That’s a summer rainstorm for you.)

One tradition we started at Adelaide’s 1st Birthday party was instead of gifts our friends and family bring donations for our local Carl Perkins Center.  Adelaide always takes the donation into the Center after the party. 

Money Envelope
Walking into the Center

On Adelaide’s real birthday, we went to the Memphis Zoo with MawMaw and PawPaw.  Adelaide enjoyed being our tour guide and showing us all the animals.

She wanted to be like everyone else and take pictures.  
Our little monkey!

Eating with the monkey!

The next day was our three-year-old check-up with Dr. Amy.  I have learned to take some toys to our doctor’s appointments; it makes time go by faster.  Of course, she picked out animals to take this year.  Adelaide had a great check-up and did not cry when they pricked her finger.  (However, we had to get one ear cleaned out and she did cry over the noise in her ear.)

Adelaide gives a thumbs up for being three!


Wednesday, July 6, 2016

June Fun

It’s hard to believe that June has come and gone.  It seems like yesterday we were getting out of school, but instead we only have a few weeks before school starts back.  Although I love being on my work schedule, I have enjoyed some precious time with family and friends over the past few weeks.  Here are a few of our summer highlights so far:

The Children’s Museum

To start off June, we went to Memphis with some church friends.  We ate lunch at Newk’s, grabbed a cookie at The Whimsy Cookie Company, and took the kids to The Children’s Museum.  We had a great time!

The Group 

Vacation Bible School

The next week, Adelaide and I went to Vacation Bible School at Englewood.  I helped in a four year old class and Adelaide was across the hall in the three year old class.  We enjoyed a great week of learning about Jesus!  Adelaide is still singing the songs.

Beginning of the Week
End of the Week

Ripley Water Park

Some precious Brownsville friends invited us the next week to go to the Ripley Water Park with them.  Adelaide has no fear of water so I knew she would love it.  The first thing she ran to was the slide, and she never stopped from there.  (She wanted to do the big slide, but I was not quite ready for that.)

The kids!
First stop.....

Adelaide also turned three in June, but I will have to designate a whole post on that tomorrow. J



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