Tuesday, June 30, 2015

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

If you ever watch any HGTV remodeling shows, you know that there always has to be a problem in the remodeling.  I do not care how well a house is built something is going to go wrong.  It seems to never fail. 

We have run into our own minor hiccups along the way.  Thank goodness it has not been anything too major, and we have been able to solve the problems as we went. 

Knocking the Walls Down
The Good – It opened up the living area tremendously.  It even gave me an area to add on a small pantry.


The Bad – It left us with an open spot in the hardwood floors from where the former wall used to be.  No worries I came up with a solution, and the guys were able to execute my idea.   To see the solution, check out my next post in a few days.

The Ugly – It left us with a hole up to the attic from where they had to place the supporting beam.  This meant that we had to have men come in and redo the ceilings.  If you have ever had to deal with sheetrock, you know that it is tremendously messy.  It took me forever to clean it all up.

Taking up the Kitchen Floor
The Good – I was excited to get rid of the laminate floors and freshen up the area.

The Bad – There were three layers of flooring that was extremely hard to get up.  Then hardwood was under that.  In order to get the floors leveled, we had to pull it all up.   Even down to the stubs in the laundry room area.

The Ugly – We found some minor leaks once the floor was taken up.  One was near the back door due to the back landing being higher than the house, and one was under the kitchen window where the sink was placed.  Although this created a mess, it did not take much to fix the leaks.  I am glad we found them when we did.  

We also had to move our mailbox to the road since the original mailbox was up the driveway near the house.  Kevin has warned me that it is going to probably get hit by a tractor before too long.  I am just waiting.

Adelaide has been doing really well with all the remodeling.  She enjoys going to the new mailbox with me when we get to the house.  She has also learned how to take naps on a pallet at the new house when needed.  I tell you she can sleep through almost anything. 

We overcame these hiccups and are almost to the point of being able to move in.  I can’t wait!  More updates to come later this week. 


Friday, June 26, 2015

God's Plan

Six years ago today, I had planned to be on a plane heading to Honduras for my second mission trip to Tegucigalpa.  However back in the spring, I found out I was going to have to cancel my trip and have my third knee surgery on that exact day.  I was disappointed, frustrated, and discouraged.  I had just finished my first year teaching, completed the remodeling of my first home, and was looking forward to my first summer off as a teacher.  The trip was going to be the highlight of my summer, but God had a different plan.

That day I went in and had the surgery.  It was outpatient, and I came home that afternoon hardly able to do anything on my own.  My parents and friends helped out tremendously.  They would bring me things, take me places, and keep me company.  Although, one visitor surprised me the most. 

My exboyfriend (Kevin) showed up on the day immediately following the surgery.  He came delivering a card. (Notice: We had went years without talking to one another and had just reconnected.  I don’t think I had even told my parents.) He handed the card off and left.  Little did I know that the “Get Well” card would be just a start to something great!

My first outing after the surgery
Five years ago today, we were married! That year went by so fast, and was full of so many memorable moments.  God’s plan ended up being the best thing ever for me.  In lack of being able to see it at the time, He knew just what I needed. 

The Proposal

Happy 5th Wedding Anniversary, Kevin!  
I look forward to seeing what God has in store for our next 5 years and years after that.

The slideshow that was shown during our wedding.  
God truly blessed the broken road to lead us back to one another. 


*Thanks to TimeHop for reminding me these two things occurred on the same day one year apart!*

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Oink! Moo! Adelaide is Two!

Adelaide turned two last Sunday (June 14).  We celebrated with close friends and family that afternoon.  Due to the house remodeling and Kevin farming, we decided to have it at the shop where Kevin works.

Kevin wanted to grill hot dogs and hamburgers for everyone so he was in charge of that.  I took care of everything else including the cake.  (I am getting better each year.  Maybe by her 18th birthday, I will be awesome...haha!)

Adelaide had lots of fun playing outside with some of her buddies.  

KaKa got in on the fun, too!


She was having so much fun that she didn't want to come in to eat, but we were able to talk her into it with Cheese Puffs.  Oh how things have changed since last year!  She was not at all interested in her cake.  She would much rather have fruit.

More interested in the Cheese Puffs in her lap.
Of course, we couldn't have a party without a good photo booth.

Now on to making memories as a two year old! I am already planning for next year's party.



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