Thursday, June 25, 2015

Oink! Moo! Adelaide is Two!

Adelaide turned two last Sunday (June 14).  We celebrated with close friends and family that afternoon.  Due to the house remodeling and Kevin farming, we decided to have it at the shop where Kevin works.

Kevin wanted to grill hot dogs and hamburgers for everyone so he was in charge of that.  I took care of everything else including the cake.  (I am getting better each year.  Maybe by her 18th birthday, I will be awesome...haha!)

Adelaide had lots of fun playing outside with some of her buddies.  

KaKa got in on the fun, too!


She was having so much fun that she didn't want to come in to eat, but we were able to talk her into it with Cheese Puffs.  Oh how things have changed since last year!  She was not at all interested in her cake.  She would much rather have fruit.

More interested in the Cheese Puffs in her lap.
Of course, we couldn't have a party without a good photo booth.

Now on to making memories as a two year old! I am already planning for next year's party.


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