Saturday, August 12, 2017

2 Months Old

Yesterday, Dempsey turned two months old!

Fist Bump
It is so sweet to see how much Adelaide loves her "baby brother".

First Smile
Loves to Sit Up

This past weekend, he finally got to go on his first boat ride.  He seemed to really enjoy it especially when we were stopped on the beach so he could get out of his life jacket.

Here are pictures comparing the two kids:



Friday, August 11, 2017

Hello Pre-K!

Adelaide had her first full day of Preschool at the "big girl school" yesterday.  We are so excited to start the journey as an Anderson Cub.

Kevin took her Monday to Meet the Teacher. I was not able to go, because I had to be at my school to meet my students.  So, this was the only picture he got.

I was glad to see that someone at Anderson caught this picture before they left.

She has been waiting all week to go back.  The school does a staggered schedule the first few weeks so her day to go back was not until yesterday, Thursday.  The night before we got our folder and backpack ready along with her chalkboard sign.

At first she said she wants to be a kid when she grows up, but eventually she changed it to a "pet's doctor".  If you know Adelaide, you know she loves her "pets" especially Minnie.

We had discussed how Minnie had to stay at home, but she could tell her all about school when she got back.  I was a little worried about how that would go, but she took one picture with her and handed her over.

During the day, I received the next picture.  I say we had a fun-filled day if she got her to take a nap in a short amount of time.

Due to a little mix-up, I was able to pick her up from school.  I could tell she was sleepy, but I was able to get a smile out of her.

We can't wait until Tuesday when all the girls return especially Parker D., and Wednesday when the whole class starts!  Here's to a a great Pre-K year!


Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Goodbye Summer!

It's hard to believe that Adelaide has her 1st full day of school tomorrow.  I guess that means summer is officially over.  Even though Dempsey's arrival was the highlight this summer, our family had a lot of fun times throughout the summer, too.  

Adelaide's Last Day at MDS
Haircuts to Start the Summer

Memorial Day at the River

1st Tube Ride on Her Own

Englewood's Vacation Bible School
I had the honor of helping in Adelaide's VBS class this year.  Little did we know that Dempsey would make his arrival the following Saturday.

Swim Lessons
We had Vacation Bible School in the morning and swimming lessons in the afternoon.

Adelaide's 4th Birthday
Adelaide turned 4 three days after Dempsey was born.  We had to postpone a party until the Fall, but we did celebrate with donuts for breakfast.

4th of July at the River
She was ready for Daddy to get off so we could leave.  She sat here for over an hour.

Ice Cream!
Adelaide went with my parents for a few days to Chattanooga.  This was her first time away from us this long, and she did great.

Adelaide got home on a Monday, and Kevin left for Texas the next day.  He went to work on cotton pickers and help pick cotton.  He stayed for a week which was the longest we had been apart, too. (He was suppose to come home on Monday, but when he got to the airport his flight had been cancelled.  The next flight was the following night.)
Waiting for Daddy at the Airport
Finding His Plane

Daddy has landed! 

One Happy Girl!

As the school year got closer, we started spending a lot of time in my classroom working, working on learning our name better, and preparing for the upcoming year.
While Momma works, the kids play!

Back to School Shopping
The past few days, Dempsey and Adelaide have stayed with my Dad.  I know they have both enjoyed their time with him but are ready to start their own schools.

Here's to next summer!



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