Wednesday, February 1, 2012

A Year in Pictures - Weeks 3 & 4

Week 3
Sunday, January 15 (Day 15)

I was honored when one of my piano students asked me to come listen to her play the offertory at church. It was so nice to be back at BBC and see such sweet friends. Alyssa did a great job, and I am very proud of how far she has came in piano.

Monday, January 16 (Day 16)

On Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, I take an annual trip down to Amro Music Store in Memphis to buy piano recital pieces for the Spring. This year I decided I would also do my monthly grocery trip. I was very impressed with how big the Kroger was that I went to and how sweet the workers were.

Tuesday, January 17 (Day 17)

Parent-Teacher Conferences - I went early so I could hang this cute Snowman Comparison up on the wall outside the classroom. I am so thankful for a husband that will run up to the school and help me out when I need it.

Wednesday, January 18 (Day 18)

Kevin went hunting today with some friends, and this is the outcome of their little adventure. I had to steal this picture from a friend, because I felt like I needed some things of what Kevin does throughout the year too.

Thursday, January 19 (Day 19)

My piano students always love when it's time to pick out piano recital pieces for the Spring Recital. It is a long process for some to pick out the right piece and quick for others, but they love that they get to the be the teacher and that I have to play for them. I love to see them excited over their new pieces. I can't wait for the actual Recital Day.

Friday, January 20 (Day 20)

I have tried really hard to get three runs in every week since the new year has started. Sometimes it means getting up at 4 o'clock to run, but I have been dedicated to get it done when necessary. This is what I have to put on before leaving in the mornings.

Saturday, January 21 (Day 21)

Another Saturday full of UPWARD games. It has been so fun getting to know each of the cheerleaders and seeing them grow not only with their cheerleading skills but also their relationship with Jesus Christ.

Sunday, January 22 (Day 22)

A blurry picture for a crazy night! We were expected to have bad storms tonight so Kevin made me load up all my school stuff and travel to a friend's house that has a basement. We ended up watching the game while waiting out the storm. I would have much rather be at my house catching up on all my work, but it was nice to hang out with friends.

Monday, January 23 (Day 23)

During my afternoon run, my pony tail broke which caused my messy hair (which had been in a bun all day) to be released. Oh, I feel sorry for anyone who saw me running that day.

Tuesday, January 24 (Day 24)

Sometimes with a busy schedule, the crock-pot can be your best friend. Tuesdays typically are one of those days during January and February, because I teach piano until 6 and have UPWARD practices until 8. I have enjoy compiling a great collection of crock-pot meals that get me through these crazy days while still putting food on the table for my husband.

Wednesday, January 25 (Day 25)

I saw this on our school system's website today, and I had to take a picture. Our school is in a Reading initiative, and I thought this was very appropriate. I heard it was on the school's billboard in town, too. Put your face in a book with the theme of Facebook. Love it!

Thursday, January 26 (Day 26)

Tonight was Math Night at our school. I was so excited when one of my students from last year came to the room to see me along with his sister. It is so fun to see kids interested in Math. Math is one of my favorite subjects so I definitely love to see the passion in kids like I once had as a child.

Friday, January 27 (Day 27)

Today was my Dad's birthday as well as Kevin's mom's birthday. My uncle and dad celebrate back to back birthdays so we are able to celebrate all on one night. Kevin and I met my parents and uncle at Cuz's for dinner. Mom surprised Dad and Uncle Jimmy with cake and ice cream.

Saturday, January 28 (Day 28)

Tonight a benefit for John Michael Emerson was held at the Country Club. John Michael is a lifelong friend of Kevin's, and he was a groomsman in our wedding. He was in a bad wreck on October 1 and underwent many days and nights in the hospital. With God's healing touch, he was able to live through it and be with us today. A benefit was held at the Country Club in which Savage, Blair Simpson Band, and The Waiting played. A lot of money was raised to help John Michael with his hospital bills.


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