Friday, June 5, 2015

Demolition Time

I love good stories about homes, and the stories about this one intrigued me.  The Barden boys built the house out of the wood from the old Woodland school house.  I wanted to bring back the charm from the wood in the house, but most of it was being covered by carpet.  So our first step was to remove the carpet.  

We signed on the house during a busy time for Kevin and me.  I was wrapping up my seventh year of teaching, and Kevin was busy in the field planting.  For almost a week, we never went to the house together. The night that we signed on the papers Kevin went and made sure that we were correct about hardwood being under the carpet in each room.  Then that weekend, Adelaide and I went and removed all the carpet.  I am really not sure how I got all the carpet up myself and it all moved to the kitchen area, but I was able to get it done in a few hours.  Now, the staples, carpet strips, and nails were a different story.  They took lots of time!

It really opened up the rooms!

Adelaide was a big help!

Once Kevin had some time out of the field, we pulled the big truck up to the back door and threw all the carpet away.  So long carpet!

The next step was to remove two walls.  We decided to open up the living area including the dining room and kitchen.  Under the sheet rock in every room is SHIPLAP! Joanna Gaines would be in heaven in this house.  (Yes, I saved some and have some plans to make some things out of it in the near future.)

The wall between the kitchen and living room was a supporting wall so we knew we would have to put a beam in for that one.  We decided this would be a bigger challenge than we were capable of on our own so we hired someone to do that for us.  We were very surprised when we came in one day, and he had both walls down.

Looking into the living room
Looking back into the kitchen
Right Wall is the the one being removed
Wall down!
Wall and closet that is being removed!
2nd Wall down
Before - Wall on Right Before Being Removed

Demolition was fun, but the clean-up after was not.  More on that in the next post!


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