Tuesday, May 3, 2011

What's for Dinner?

I have worked really hard to create a recipe book that contains some of my family's favorite recipes all in one place.  I began this project a few years ago as a Christmas present to my mom and aunt, but I never made myself one which was a big mistake.  Over the past few months, I have regretted it especially after I started planning weeks ahead of time and couponing.  Over Spring Break, I made myself sit down and make one.  (One of the items on my ever growing To Do Lists.)  What a help it has become in my daily routine!

If you read my post on couponing, you read how I have been planning my dinner plans in two week segments.  This not only prevents me from buying unnecessary items, but it also cuts down my grocery shopping to two times a month.  Well everytime I would sit down to plan it out, it would take forever (or at least it seemed like forever).  I would have to go through various cookbooks in search of my favorite recipes.  I needed them all in one place so I made my own cookbook.

This notebook contains some of my family's favorite recipes.  Each recipe I have typed to take up a half sheet of paper with two recipes per page.  The recipes are divided by category.  If I try a new recipe and I like it, I put a note in the back pocket to remind myself to add it to the collection.  If I happen to find a recipe that sounds good but I haven't had a chance to try, I place a note in the front pocket.

When it gets time to create my meal plans for the upcoming weeks, I can grab my notebook off the countertop and make a list from there.  This has helped so much!  As a bonus, when someone asks me for a recipe I already have it typed and on my computer where it's easy to print off or e-mail.

One more thing completed off my list of "When I was 25...". :)

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