Friday, March 25, 2011


One of my goals for this year was to get organized.  I know some of you are probably thinking how much more can you do.  I always have plans on getting even better at organization.  It is probably the only way I am able to do as much as I do in a week's time.  It is so nice to have things exactly where they go and ready whenever I need it. 

Well this week was Spring Break for our school system and Kevin was busy working, so we were not able to do anything together so my week mainly consisted of Spring Cleaning.  Although I am not completely done cleaning, I took on a challenge that I have been dreading since I moved in this house.  As most of you know, I bought my house to remodel it.  Here are some pictures if you missed out on that: (These are about a year old so some things have changed as we are constantly doing things to improve the house.)

Well, Kevin came back in the picture after the house was pretty much finished.  (It's a joke that he planned it that way, but that's not the truth.)  The hall closet/coat closet/whatever you want to call it had been the storage for all the tools and such as we worked on the house.  Well when Kevin and I got married, we pretty much let the closet go.  We never really cleaned it up from the mess that was in there from the remodeling.  We straightened it up every so often in order to store our coats and such in it, but nothing as to what it needed.  It was that closet that you hope no one ever opens the door to, because it is embarrasing.  It had nails, paint, tools, etc all in it.  Well I decided to tackle this nightmare over Spring Break.  I was determined to get it organized for once.  Here is what the closet looked like before:

I told you it was bad!  This closet so did not reflect me.  I know some of you are thinking it is just a closet, but if you know my personality this has driven me crazy since I moved in.  I would do the best I can to straighten it up in short amounts of time, but it needed a whole day devoted to cleaning, going through, and organizing the stuff.  Really it was stuff!  Well I have to say I am pretty proud of my new closet, and I will not be embarrased for anyone to open the door to this closet again.  Here is the finished product:

One step closer to better organization and accomplishing another goal from "When I Was 25"!

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