Monday, April 4, 2011

Falling in Love of Water?

In January, I read the book Made to Crave by Lysa Turkeurst.  Oh what a life changing moment that was for me! 

Right before I began to read the book, I had decided that I was going to take out all caffeine drinks and sweet tea from my everyday routine.  I have done this many times before, but I always had a criteria for it.  (Ex. - I'll drink whatever I want at a meal but only drink water any other time.  I'll drink water throughout the week and whatever I want on the weekends.  And the list goes on.)  My life revolved around going to Sonic at Happy Hour and getting a Large Sweet Tea to drink or walking during my planning time to the break room to get a Dr. Pepper out of the coke machine.  I knew this was not good for my health, and I wanted to do better.  Therefore, I decided at the beginning of January to only drink water.  I knew I would still have to leave in milk and orange juice for the mornings, but otherwise I wanted to only drink water.  I mean I could do this right?  I could always put Crystal Light in my water if the taste got old.  Oh, how I wish it was that easy!  Thank goodness that I began reading this book right after I decided to do all this.

Now everytime I crave a sweet tea to drink, I am able to take a moment to thank God for all he has done and reflect on my relationship with him.  It has not been easy, but with God's help and my loving husband I have been able to go over 3 months with water! 

My students have even gotten in on it and have become my accountability partners at school.  My new water bottle keeps up with how much I drink a day, and they are constantly coming to see what number it is on and pushing me to drink more.  I'm so glad that I am able to be a good example for them.

I'm not stopping at 3 months so check back to see how long I last!  I encourage you to read Made to Crave.  It is a great book that will change you!

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