Thursday, July 17, 2014

Music Camp

Last week I held a 3 day Music Camp at my house.  We enjoyed learning the basics to music theory during 2 different sessions each day.  It was lots of fun, and I can't wait to make it bigger and better next year.

Day 1
On Day 1, we spent the day inside learning about the letters in the musical alphabet, the difference in note values, and the signs for treble and bass clef.

Day 2
On Day 2, we played games outside that went along with what we learned on Day 1.  We also learned the notes on the staff for treble clef and bass clef.

Musical Alphabet Noodle Relay - Kids had to run across with a pool noodle between their legs and retrieve the next note in the musical alphabet.

Note Value Obstacle Course - Kids had to complete the obstacle course and draw the note that came next in numerical value.

Free Style Music Writing - Kids got to draw musical signs that they had learned with chalk on the driveway.

Musical Alphabet Ball Toss - Kids had to find a ball with the next letter that came in the musical alphabet and toss it into the pool.

Day 3 - Water Day!!!
On Day 3, I planned water activities that involved what we had learned.  Of course, I added some free time so students could enjoy the water. :)

Water Balloon Staff Toss - Kids stood on a note on the staff that was drawn on the concrete.  One kid went and picked a card with a letter from the musical alphabet.  They got to throw a water balloon at the person that was standing on that letter on the staff.

I love the second picture, because it shows the water balloon in the air. :)

Musical Alphabet Shooting Gallery - Similar to Water Balloon Staff Toss, students drew a card with a musical alphabet letter on it and got to shoot the kid with a water gun that was standing on that note.

We also played a game where students drew a card with a note.  Kids got to shoot them with their little water guns the number of beats the note receives in music. I did not get a picture of this, but the kids thought it was funny.

I had so much holding Music Camp this year.  I hope the kids had just as much fun if not more.  I already have plans for next summer. :)


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