Thursday, January 21, 2016

Our Year in Pictures

Retake of some of my favorite moments in 2015:

Kevin and Adelaide enjoying his new-to-him Jeep.

Welcoming a sweet friend home from her last radiation treatment

Snow day for Adelaide and me


Easter = Breakfast at Cracker Barrel
Service at the Ballpark with Englewood
Lunch at Aunt Gail’s (Lilie’s)

We bought our own little farmhouse to fix up.

Adelaide competed in Field Day at Methodist Day School.

We began the intensive remodeling process of our new house.


Adelaide attended her 2nd Vacation Bible School.  This was our first one at Englewood.

When we were not working on the house, we were visiting Kevin in the fields.

Adelaide turned two.  We celebrated with a farm-themed birthday party at the shop.

I have grown to love making her cakes each year.

We were able to take a few breaks to go to the river.  Adelaide learned to jump in the water, drive the boat, and that she did not like to leave the river.

We competed in our first Jackson Escape Rooms with our Small Group from Englewood.  The girls and boys both had high times and were invited back to the championship.

4th of July at the river meant lots of bubbles, tubing, and fireworks.

We took a staycation vacation.  Most of the time was spent working on the house, but we did take a short trip to the Safari Park with Adelaide.

Cheer season started off with a UCA home camp.

In the midst of the craziness, we finally said goodbye to “The Box” 
and stayed in our house for the first time.

I started my eighth year teaching 1st grade for Haywood County Schools.

We competed in the Jackson Escape Rooms championship but weren’t able to get out this time.

Football games started, and Adelaide enjoyed riding the bus to an away game.

When farming hit heavy, Adelaide liked representing Hooper Farms 
and riding with Daddy on the combine.

I held my first event at the house with a football themed Bunco night.

Football Homecoming in a Small Town = Parade thru town and dressing up for the game

The faculty and staff at Haywood Elementary School attended a day at Adventureworks in Kingston Springs.  It involved many team building activities including climbing a pole.

I enjoyed making Adelaide's Halloween costume, Elmo.  
She loved her costume and enjoyed seeing her friends at different events.

Fall get together with our Small Group from Englewood

Kevin joined the Volunteer Fire Department for our area

Friendsgiving with Small Group Friends

Adelaide performed in her first music program, a Thanksgiving program at MDS.  
She spotted us right as she walked on stage, and was a little upset. 
However she was able to hold it together until the end when she got see us.

Thanksgiving Day with MawMaw and PawPaw

Kevin bought a boat and started enjoying the Hatchie River.
 I just rode to get brownie points. :)

Adelaide performed in the kids Christmas program at Englewood.  
She started off shy, but ended up right in the front.

 Can you spot Adelaide?
 There she is!

Our Christmas program at MDS was completely different than the one at Thanksgiving.  
Adelaide actually sang and did motions.

We enjoyed a weekend at Opryland with Aunt Hannah and Uncle B

Lights at Jellystone

Small Group Christmas party

A Family Christmas Tradition, delivering gifts at the nursing home on Christmas Eve

Who says sleeping on the floor is bad? Adelaide slept really good Christmas Eve night.  
We actually had to wake her up Christmas morning.

God truly blessed us this past year, and I can't wait to see what he has in store for 2016.


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