Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Remodeling Staycation

At the end of June, we were ready to paint most of the house.  I spent a lot of time picking out paint colors and was eager to see if they actually were going to look good in the house together.   We started painting the office and Adelaide’s room first.  This was a tiring process as Kevin was working during the day, and we would work really late at night trying to paint.  Thank goodness for my parents who brought us a home cooked meal one night for dinner.  It was a joy to eat something other than fast food again.

We marked boundaries for Adelaide to stop at so she would not come into the rooms we were painting.  She did really good with this and only got her hand in paint a few times.  Most of the time she would watch a movie; she loved “Let It Go” (aka Frozen).  Since we worked later at night, she would typically fall asleep at the new house before we got done.

After about a week of working at night and most of the bedrooms painted, we knew we would need some help finishing the rest of the house.  There were so many other things we could be doing while painting was being done.  Therefore, we decided to hire some help.  Kevin also took his vacation week off so that we could get a lot done on the house while they were painting.   

This freed us up to get odd and end things completed such as changing out outlets, light fixtures, hanging trim, and installing doors on the new pantry.

While all of this was going on inside, Kevin was ecstatic to see his shop started.  The house did not have any outdoor storage area when we bought it so we knew we would have to do something about that before we moved.  We decided that a shop would look good in the backyard.

Area for the shop before being cleared

View from the shop to the back of the house
Although we were not able to go anywhere for a vacation, this remodeling staycation will always be memorable for what we got done at the house.  We were very eager to move in after the week was over, but we had to wait on our kitchen to be finished. 


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