Saturday, July 11, 2015

All About Those Floors

The next step for us to complete were the floors.  Before the guy could come in and refinish the hardwood for us, we had to make sure that all the nails and staples were up.  This would have been easier if the floors weren't a mess from the sheetrock.  I literally had to sit down and hand wash the floors in order to double check that we got everything up.  

My Little Helper - She helped sweep the house. 

We also had to make sure and have the empty spot filled from where we took down the wall.  I researched some ways and decided that I wanted something that would give it character but still remind us of the history of the house.


Executing My Idea

Final Product
We hired some guys to do our hardwood, because with Kevin in the field farming we knew that it would take us forever.  While the hired guys did the hardwood, Kevin and some buddies worked on the tile for the kitchen and laundry room at night.

 The week we did all this was early June, and it was Kevin's birthday.  I decided that I would make some home cooked meals and take over to the house.  Everyone took a break, and we ate our "picnic" dinner on the front porch.

The guys also had to take a short break to go play with the drone.

However, they quickly got back to work to finish laying and grouting the tile.

A few days later after a lot of sand paper was used, the men were ready to refinish the hardwood.

After that, the floors were done!

Master Bedroom - Before
Master Bedroom - After
This was a huge part of the renovation, and I was glad to get it done.  
Now, we were ready for paint!


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