Monday, May 22, 2017

1st Year in 2nd Grade

Today was a bittersweet day for me.  I said goodbye to my first class of second graders.   Last year at this time, I was packing up my classroom trying to mentally prepare myself for second grade after being in first grade for eight years.  I was not sure what to expect, but I knew that God had a purpose for my transition to 2nd grade.  I prayed the entire summer for the group of students that would enter my classroom as second graders. 


For these students, it was my first year as their teacher. 


However, these students were stuck with me for two years (first and second grade).


I loved seeing how these two groups came together to form this amazing group of second graders. 


I say it every year, but it is crazy how so many different kids can come together to make one working class family.  We have shared many great times together this year along with a few sad moments throughout.  Although there were tears in many students’ eyes this afternoon, I can’t forget these Top 15 funny sayings that kept the day-to-day life as a second grade teacher interesting.

Scenario 1 – Conversation with Student after a Fire Drill
Student: “You know if there was a real fire the fire would come to our room, right?”
Teacher: “No! Why do you say that?”
Student: “The door says welcome.”

Scenario 2 – Students working on a Crossword Puzzle
Student: “I am not that good at jigjaw puzzles.”
What is a jigjaw? It wasn’t even a jigsaw puzzle!

Scenario 3 – Random Conversation between Students
Student 1: “You both look like sisters.”
Student 2: “Why?”
Student 1: “You both have silver teeth.”
I guess everyone with silver teeth are siblings???

Scenario 4 – Lunch Bunch (Lunch time in the Classroom)
Student 1: “Let’s play Would you Rather.”
Student 2: “No, let’s play Spin the Bottle.
Teacher: “Let’s not play either and eat your food.”
Really, these kids are only in 2nd grade!

Scenario 5 – Conversation with Student
Student: “My grandma went to the orphan this weekend.”
Teacher: “The orphan?  I think you mean the Orpheum.”
Student: “Yeah, that’s it!”


Scenario 6 – Random Conversation between Students
Student: “I weighed 50 pounds when I was a baby.”
I so hope my baby doesn’t weigh 50 pounds…haha!

Scenario 7 – Small Group Reading Lesson
Teacher: “Define brag.”
Student: “I would brag if my deer had 10 points and another hunter had only a 6 point.”
Definitely spoken from a student who likes to go deer hunting.

Scenario 8 – Intervention Time with the Assistant
Assistant: “What is a brawl?”
Student: “It is something a girl wears.”
That would be bra not brawl.

Scenario 9 – Conversation with Student
Student: “I am an antonym to last year!”
The student definitely changed from one year to the next.  I guess that would make him an antonym.

Scenario 10 – Conversation with Student
Student: “My brain is growing.”
Teacher: “Why do you say that?”
Student: “I have this bump right here on my head that means my brain is outgrowing my head.”


Scenario 11 – Conversation Between Students
Student 1: “_________ (Student 2), will you please pull up your pants?  We can see the line.”
Student 2: “Oh I’m sorry!”
The line?  Really? I guess it could have been worse.

Scenario 12 – Reading Lesson with Students
Teacher: “When have you been overjoyed?”
Student: “I have never been overjoyed.  I have just been joyed.”

Scenario 13 – Students Getting Money out for Ice Cream
Student: “My dad was born a long time ago.  That is why all of my quarters have eagles on them.”
I guess I should be glad he was listening during our math lesson on coins.

Scenario 14 – Random Saying from Student to Teacher
Student: “Mrs. Pat (my assistant) and you are like Batman and Robin.”


Scenario 15 – Random Saying from Student to Teacher
Student: “You need your own “I Survived” books after surviving the year with all of us.  Some of us you even survived two years!”

I probably should write a book on how “I Survived” with some of these students, but in all honestly I would do it all again.  (No idea parents! I am not going to 3rd grade with them.)  They kept me on my toes, but I love each and everyone of them.


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