Thursday, June 29, 2017

Meet Baby Brother

You know how they say God has a perfect plan for everything.  We definitely saw that this summer with the birth of our second child.

This current week was what I have been looking towards since late last year when we found out we were expecting our 2nd child.  Time has flown by since we announced to everyone in February we were expecting a baby boy late June.  (Yes, we waited to announce we were expecting until we knew what we were having. It definitely made time pass by quicker.)

Our Announcement
We prayed that everything would go smoothly through the process of preparing for a second child.  I prayed that God would give me strength to make it through the school year, and he far surpassed my expectations.  Even with all the doctor appointments, I only had to miss one day the entire school year for sickness and that was not even due to pregnancy. 

When summer came along, I was busy trying to get things done for next school year, the nursery set up, and all of our baby girl things sold.  We enjoyed a weekend at the river for Memorial Day, and I spent the first week of June helping in Adelaide’s class at Vacation Bible School.  Our VBS runs Monday – Thursday so I spent that Friday really working on cleaning and straightening the house especially the nursery. 

Boat Ride

1st Time Tubing By Herself

She loves the river!

Englewood VBS 2017

At only 37 weeks, I thought I had at least two more weeks if not longer to prepare for the baby.  (Adelaide was 10 days late so I just figured he would come closer to his due date.)  Plus, we had been telling Adelaide that “Baby Brother” would be coming after her birthday (June 14).  Little did I know that we would be going to the hospital Saturday morning, June 10. 

God worked it all out in His perfect plan.  Kevin was coming back into town from Greenfield when I called him to come to the house.  (Thankfully, he was not on a combine in the middle of a field somewhere, which he would have been about an hour later.)  My parents were in Jackson for breakfast so they were able to pick up Adelaide when we got to the hospital.  The day before I had put the car seat and everything by the door while I was cleaning so we were able to pick that up as we walked out the door.  Though a little crazy, it all fell into place. 

Working while Waiting

Our hospital stay and delivery was anything but normal.  (Let’s just say, who needs a doctor when you have a great nurse.)  However in the end, our perfect little boy, Dempsey, was born at 1:09AM on June 11 weighing 6 lbs. 14 oz. and 19.25 inches long.  Although he was almost 3 weeks early, he checked out perfectly fine. 

Going Home
Adelaide is loving being a “Big Sister”!  She talks about “Baby Brother” all the time and can’t wait for him to be a “brother” so they can play.  (We can’t get her to understand that he is a brother now he just isn’t a big brother.)

1st Car Ride Together
We were able to go to the river as a family of four this past weekend.  (I needed a change in scenery from being home so much.)  Dempsey and I stayed at the river house while Kevin and Adelaide went out with friends on their boat.  It was hard for me to believe that “Baby Brother” was not even suppose to be born yet, but here he was turning 2 weeks old and enjoying his first river adventure.

1st Golf Cart Ride
(No, he didn't ride on the back. This was just for the picture.)
Hanging by the Water

How We Feel When It's Time To Go Home

Kevin and I celebrated our 7th Wedding Anniversary Monday.  (Yes, June is a busy month for us.  Kevin’s birthday, Dempsey’s birthday, Adelaide’s birthday, Father’s Day, and Anniversary all in one month.) We have been so blessed these past 7 years, and I could not imagine living life with anyone else. 

Looking back, God had this whole month planned out from the beginning.  Everything may not be exactly how I would have liked it to be, but he gave me a few extra weeks to cherish with both children before the new school year starts.   We are looking forward to making more memories this summer as a family of four!


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