Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Craziness of Life

For some reason every time I get started doing good on posting on this blog, the craziness of life takes over.  Between grad school, teaching, and the duties of being a wife, I have gotten way behind on here.  I was doing well taking a picture a day, but I decided not to bore you with all those random pictures.  I will just post some that means the most to me.  Hopefully, this post will initiate me to do better in blogging in the future.

These pictures aren't in any particular order, but the capture what's been going on over the past few months.

 Bunco! - I play in a Bunco group that meets monthly to play.  We lost a dear friend and fellow player this past winter.  We decided to play in memory of her one night and donate all money for a scholarship for a person to attend the Adult Leadership Class in our town.  This was a program that she strongly supported. 

 D-NOW - Local churches participate in D-Now weekend during the month of February.  The Saturday afternoon activity was a game similar to Amazing Race.  My house was one of the stops.  Students had to pick between hands or toes.  In toes, one player had to peel a banana with his/her toes only.  In hands, one player had to learn Mary Had a Little Lamb on the piano.  This is a picture of me teaching Baker how to play the piano.  Baker is the son of one of my fellow teachers.

ADK - As stated in an earlier post, I joined the teacher sorority of ADK.  We had fun at one of our meetings learning all about ADK with a friendly game of Jeopardy.  As you can tell by the picture, there were lots of laughter at this meeting.

 The Brownsville Homecoming - I have the privilege of singing in the Brownsville Homecoming for the past few years.  This year it was held on my birthday.  I was delighted to share the stage with numerous friends but most of all a former classmate of mine, Kenneth.  Kenneth not only went to high school with me, but he also sang at the end of my wedding, "O, Happy Day!".  It was a joy to hear him and his friends sing this great melody again at the end of this program as well.

Becky Got Married! - One of my friends from college got married this summer.  I was not able to make it up to Iowa to see her get married, but I was able to attend a couple of her showers.  I am so grateful that God put people like her in my life!

 Flowers - Who doesn't like to receive flowers?  One of my students brought these flowers in for me on just a day that I needed them.  I was so honored that she thought of me.

 Cheer Clinic - I am a coach for our local high school football cheerleading team.  In March, we had our cheer clinic and tryouts.  With the rise in technology, girls videoed the dance and cheers to they could practice at home.  As you can see, almost all the girls had some way to get the information.

 Lights Out! - I go to school really early, between 6 and 6:30.  One day when I got into my room, the lights went out.  Lets just say that a school building that early with no lights is not a fun place to be by yourself.  I was thankful that they did not stay out for long.

 Flex Fitness - Hubby and I joined the local gym, Flex Fitness.  We were doing real good about getting up at 4AM to go work out.  I was very proud of my husband and his determination on the treadmill.  When farming season started back, the hubby slowly quit coming but I try to still make it up there at least a few times a week.

 Foot Problems - As if knee problems were not enough, I have now been diagnosed with not one, not two, not three, but four problems with my left foot.  This includes a heel spur, plantar fasciitis, disalignment with the bones, and a crack in one of the bones.  I am hoping with the right shoes, medications, and shots that it will clear up.

 The True Meaning of Easter - I was amazed when I read one of my student's journal entries on what Easter meant to him.  This absolutely made my day.  The student that wrote this has medical conditions and typically is not able to write very good sentences, but this did not stop him from writing about God.  I love the bottom where he drew a heart.  If only adults would have this much faith.

 Haywood County Schoolwide 5K - Haywood Elementary was well represented in the 5K this year.  This is a picture of all the teachers and assistants that participated in the 5K.  It is so great to work with this bunch of ladies.

Mother's Day - What an eventful Mother's Day! On our way home from Lambert's in Missouri, we got sideswiped by an 18-wheeler on a bridge. The trucker wouldn't pull over so dad followed the trucker for miles while talking to dispatch until a trooper caught up with us. We waited patiently for it all to be worked out. So thankful everyone was safe and only minor damage to the vehicle was done.

River - I love when it starts warming up outside, because that means it is river time.  We love going to our house up at the Tennessee River and spending the weekend.  There is nothing like riding your boat on the river, catching some rays, and reading a good book.

Farming - Kevin was busy working Memorial Day weekend so I decided to go ride with him that Sunday afternoon.  This is the view that we had for the day.
Weddings - Kevin was in a wedding for his good friend, Bradley.  The wedding took place outside by a lake, but there were a couple of cabins and such for the bride and groom to get ready.  We snapped this picture before the wedding started.

Sunday School - Kevin and I have tried to get active in our Sunday School class when time allows.  We were fortunate to be able to attend a cook-out hosted by Thomas and Kristin.  We are so thankful for this group of friends that God has allowed us to be a part of in Sunday School.  We are looking forward to many more memories being made in the future!

Well, I guess that's all of the pictures for now.  I think that pretty much catches us up on what has been happening since my last post in February.  We will have to see if I get better at this blogging. :)

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