Wednesday, June 27, 2012

House Remodeling Take 2

As stated in earlier posts, I bought the house we live in before Kevin came back in the picture.  It was a foreclosure house and needed a lot of work.  My parents and I remodeled the house for over 6 months before I moved in.  Take a look at a couple of the major changes here.  Well, some things never got done that I wanted to do.  However, I knew that as a homeowner there would always be something to do.  Kevin and I finally decided to do a few of the big projects this spring.

Our first step was to get a new AC unit.  We knew last summer that the unit would not last another season.  We tolerated it as long as we could until it got too hot that we were getting on each others nerves (approximately mid-May with 80 degree temps).  Our good friend, John, from Warren's Comfort Service surprised us one day by installing the unit while we were both at work.  It was nice to come home to air conditioning.
Here is the new unit!
(I can't believe I don't have a picture of that side of the house from before, but I don't.)

As a plus, we got a new thermostat.  It is one that you can add your own pictures too.  I love having the slideshow going instead of seeing the boring thermostat screen.

Our second major adventure was to get new windows.  The windows became a huge problem when we weren't able to turn our air condition on during the period that we were waiting for our new one.  Our windows were painted shut, and we were only able to get one window up.  I was so excited to get some windows that we could actually open and that weren't so dirty as the ones before.

A picture of the windows before and after:

I can't wait for us to do some more things to the house.  One of the main things is landscaping!  Hopefully, that will come soon.  I always have something I want to do. :)

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