Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Porch Bed Swing

Last summer, I saw on a blog a picture of a porch bed swing.  I love to swing and read, and I knew this was something I would love.  I began talking about it with Kevin.  I even picked out the best place to put it - at our river house.  However, I went all summer and never got one. :( 

This past week Kevin surprised me by starting to build it at one of the local shops with a buddy of his.  I was so excited!  Here are a couple of pictures he sent me as he worked on it each night:
It just so happen that we had this mattress up in the attic at my parent's house.  It was one I used when I was in college and lived on campus.  (You know you have to have something on top of the mattress they provide to make it feel more like home and more comfortable.)

Once the bed was completed, we loaded it into my Expedition and took it to the river house.  I was surprised it fit in the vehicle, but it did with all but the front two seats down.  Once we got to the river, the challenge began of making sure that there was enough support from the porch to hold the swing up, drilling the holes where they needed to be, making sure the chains were even, and conquering the heat. 

Kevin working hard to make sure everything was perfect!
 Mission accomplished!
 I love my porch bed swing!  It fits perfectly and is the best place to curl up and read a book.  Now if I only had a place at my regular house to put one.  That may have to be on the list for a future home!

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