Sunday, March 16, 2014

Menu Monday

The "snice" (my word for snow on top of ice) storm messed my schedule all up for this month.  I was suppose to have cheer tryouts that week, but I had to move them to last week.  This made it hard to schedule meals.  We had quite a few leftovers still in the fridge so we spent the week eating leftovers or microwaveable meals.  This is not what I like to do, but it was necessary.  We did have one new recipe - Baked Chicken Spaghetti.  It was really good!

Look Back at New Things on Last Week's Menu (Week Before)
Monday: Weight Watchers Taco Casserole - This was pretty good the first night.  It was not my favorite, but it was not a failure either.  Since it has chips in it, it was not as good as a leftover, but I ate it anyways.

Tuesday: Cheeseburger Soup - This is definitely a new favorite soup of mine!  I absolutely loved it!  I will probably not put in the carrots next time, but everything else is a keeper.

I am hoping to get back to a regular routine this week.  We will see how it goes!

This Week's Menu - 
Mashed Potatoes
Hawaiian Rolls

I have a little extra time so I should be able to fix all of this. 


I have read all the comments on this recipe, and I have decided to try this recipe without putting the chips in until after it is done.  I am afraid the chips will be too soggy.  

Garlic Bread


I was hesitant to add this to my March meals list, but the ratings make it look and sound really good.  I guess I will find out firsthand.


This starts my Spring Break, and I will probably not want to cook anything.  We should have plenty from throughout the week to eat the whole weekend! :)

I hope you have a blessed week!


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