Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Crazy Sayings from 1st Graders

Yesterday, I said good-bye to my twenty 1st graders (a.k.a. monkeys).  

We have learned so much together along the way.  We have shared many memories together that I will never forget.  One thing I love is the crazy things that 1st graders say.  Here are the Top 20 sayings that were said in my classroom this year:

Scenario 1 – Whole Group Reading Time Discussing Apples
Teacher: “What do apple trees start with when they grow?”
Student: “The Letter A!”
I guess I should have worded my question differently.

Scenario 2 – Random Conversation with Teacher
Student: “Mrs. Elizabeth, do you know why there is fuzz in your pockets?”
Teacher: “Umm, no?”
Student: “It’s in case you get lost.  You can drop it so someone can follow the path to you.”
I am glad I know how to be found if I ever get lost.

Scenario 3 – Outdoor Recess on Seesaws
Student 1: “Did you know we are in a tornado?”
Student 2: “No, why?”
Student 1: “It is windy, and tornados are windy.”

Scenario 4 – Mrs. Pat’s (my assistant) Reading Group Time
The group was reading about schools from long ago. 
Student: “My grandmother is that old.  She is 55.”
You should have seen the look on Mrs. Pat’s face.

Scenario 5 – Hallway
Student: “Your earrings look like eggplants.”
??? I was not sure if I was to take it as a compliment or not. ???

Scenario 6 – Small Group Reading Time
Teacher: “Please use the word gnaw in a sentence.”
Student: “Nah, we can’t go outside today.”

Scenario 7 – Outdoor Recess on Seesaws
Student: “I am stronger than everything except for an elephant!”
??? What makes an elephant different than everything else?  What about a dinosaur? ???

Scenario 8 – Mrs. Pat’s Reading Group Time
The group was looking at black and white pictures.
Student: “Long ago there weren’t any colors in the world.”
This student truly thought that everything was black and white and not just pictures.

Scenario 9 – Field Trip to Falcon Ridge Farm – Horse Show
Student (to the presenter) : “How do you know if it is a girl horse or a boy horse?”
The presenter just changed subjects very quickly.

Scenario 10 – Whole Group Reading
Teacher: “When might something get smudged?”
Student: “12 o’clock”

Scenario 11 – Cutting Bus Tags off of Backpacks
Student: “That just made my backpack 10 times lighter!”
You would have thought I took a huge book out of his backpack and not a tag the size of an index card.

Scenario 12 – Small Group Reading Time
Teacher: “Can you give me an example of a tube?”
Student: “YouTube!”

Scenario 13 – Using Numbered Popsicle Sticks to Call Students to the Board
Student: “Yes, that was close!”(I called the number right after his.)
I guess he really did not want to answer the question on the board.

Scenario 14 – Discussing What Auxiliary Class We Would Attend the Next Day
Teacher: “We are suppose to go to Writing Lab, but we won’t be going to auxiliary tomorrow.”
Student: “At least we get to save our energy!”
Writing Lab is on the other side of the school in a different building.

Scenario 15 – Small Group Reading Time
Teacher: “What is a wrench?”
Student: “Wrench is what you put on salads.”

Scenario 16 – Student Collecting Work from the Other Students at their Table
Student: “This looks like it has been in a wreck.”
I guess the student thought the paper was not acceptable to turn in.

Scenario 17 – Talking about a Student’s Conduct
Teacher: “I would hate to have to get the paddle out.”
Student (not the one I was talking to): “We have a paddle at home.”
Student (after a few seconds of waiting): “It’s a paddle for boats.”

Scenario 18 – Small Group Reading Time
Teacher: “Please use the word knife in a sentence.”
Student: “My brother is in knife grade.”

Scenario 19 – Field Trip to Children’s Musuem – Hello, Stuffee! Program
Presenter: “What does this rag doll have that human beings do not?”
Student: “Private parts!”
The presenter said this was a first for her.

Scenario 20 – Whole Group Reading Time Discussing Shelters
Student 1: “Farm animals live in a barn.”
Student 2: “We sometimes act like animals so we should live in a barn.”

Not sure if they should live in a barn, but they definitely acted like monkeys at times.  However, I wouldn't trade it for anything.  



  1. This is awesome Elizabeth!! Keep up the fantastic teaching that you do.

  2. This is awesome Elizabeth!! Keep up the fantastic teaching that you do.



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