Monday, January 6, 2014

Menu Monday

It's Monday, and it's cold!!!  As promised, here is our menu for the week.  I only schedule dinners, because it involves Kevin and I.  For breakfast and lunch, we are each on our own.  Breakfast typically something quick and easy like cereal, pop tarts, eggs, or fruit.  I always take leftovers for lunch, and Kevin typically eats out with his weekly allowance (more on that in a later post).

What's for dinner always depends on our schedule for that afternoon and night.  Therefore, I wait until Sunday to figure it out, because Sundays are when I sit down and make sure I have everything written down in my planner for the week.  Sometimes, I may not be home or Kevin may not be home at dinner time.  Other times, I may be coming in late and cannot cook anything that takes a lot of time.  This is why in my recipe book, I have put how long it takes to prep and cook each meal.  Therefore, I will know what I will have time for each night.  So here it is:


Cheddar Biscuits

It's cold so that calls for a bowl of soup!
We bought the Red Lobster Cheddar Biscuit mix from Sam's awhile back and have only used it once so I want to try to use it this month.


I am starting The Daniel Plan Bible Study with a group of girls on this night.  So I am sure that most of my recipes will not be approved.  However, I am not going to make major changes until at the end of the month when I schedule my meals for February.  I can though start cutting back. :)

Since I won't have much time between piano and leaving for the study, I will cook my chicken before, either on Monday night or Tuesday morning.  Then all I will have to do is mix it all together and put it in the oven.


Cream Style Corn
Green Beans
Hawaiian Bread

I bought a pork tenderloin pack that holds two.  I will put the other half in a freezer for a later meal.  

The pork tenderloin will be put on in the morning before work.  I will put the vegetables on in between piano lessons so I can have this ready around 6.


I have a meeting this night so it will be eat at your own time, whatever you can find. :)

Chicken Roll-Ups

We typically eat out on Friday's.  I am trying to get away from this and have fun meals on Fridays.  This is part of my financial plan/budget (more info to come in a later post).

Chicken Roll-Ups consist of frozen chicken tenders and cheese slices wrapped in crescent rolls.

*Disclaimer - Our family does not eat the healthiest!  We love cheese and pasta.  I have to make sure to space it out.

The Lasagna Soup and Crockpot Maple and Brown Sugar Pork Tenderloin are new recipes to try.  I will let you know how they go.  I hope you have found some meals that will work for your family!



  1. How did the pork tenderloin turn out?

    1. I cooked it the max time it said, and that was too long. However, Susan Ribble cooked it for 7 hours, and she said it was delicious. She said her "picky eater" went back for seconds. :)



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