Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Photography - Week 1

Last week, I started two photo challenges.  I took a photography class a year ago, but I have not used my camera in manual mode very much since.  I LOVE photography!  So, as part of my goal to "shine" this year I wanted to get better with my photography skills.  I want to capture all the precious memories in our lives especially with Adelaide.  This is why I chose to do the challenges.

The challenges consists of taking a picture a week based on a word.  The goal is to get photographers to use their cameras in manual mode and learn tricks from just using their camera and learning from others' pictures.  Since I am actually doing two challenges, I have two words per week.  Here are my submissions for the first week of challenges:

Disclaimer - I am a beginner, amateur photographer so I have a lot to learn!

While Adelaide is trying to learn to balance by standing, I am trying to find a balance in my life between being a wife, mother, teacher, and so much more!

Adelaide with fresh tears while fighting sleep.


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