Friday, June 27, 2014

4th Anniversary

Yesterday marked our 4th Anniversary as Mr. and Mrs. Lovelace.  

We have been so blessed over the past four years, 
and I can't wait to see what our future holds in the years to come.

I wish I could say we had an amazing day together, 
but we were living the married life of supplying for the family and helping others.

Kevin spent the day farming.  I am sure most of his day was looking like this.

After dropping Adelaide off at MDS for the day, I went to Fast Pace to get an X-Ray done on my foot.  (I fell the day before and woke up with a huge knot on my swollen foot.)  

I was glad to hear no broken bones, but then I got a phone call that Kevin's grandfather had fallen.  Being the only family member available, I followed the ambulance to Jackson so that he would have someone with him in the ER.  This is what the majority of my day looked like.

We were so glad to hear that he had not broken any bones either. 
 I was able to bring him home that afternoon.

That was the extent to my day (plus dinner with some friends).
Although we did not get to go out or anything, I am glad that Kevin is almost done harvesting the wheat.  I am also glad that I was able to be there for his grandfather when needed.
We are just living the married life now. :)

Here is a slideshow that was shown during our wedding:
I like to watch it every year to remind me how God truly did
"bless the broken road" to lead us back to one another.


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