Saturday, January 31, 2015

100 Days of School

Last week, we celebrated being in school for 100 days.  It might not seem like a big deal to most of you who are not in the education field, but for teachers it means that we are have survived 100 days with the students in our class and we are on the downward slope to the end of another school year.

More important, it is a big thing for 1st graders to be able to count and write to 100 (and above).  In honor of our 100 day celebration, teachers and students dressed up as 100 year old people. They were all so cute dressed up!

Well in honor of our 100 days celebration, I wanted to share with you some of the funny things my students have said during the 100 days I have had the privilege of sharing with them.

Scenario 1 - Guest Reader (Student's Preacher) for Top Toucan Week (Star Student)
Preacher: "Do you have any questions for me?"
Student: "I have a 2nd grade question for you.  What size clothes do you wear?"
Preacher: Laughing and I am sure wondering what he had gotten himself into.   He nicely answered the question.
Fully embarrassed but glad that it was a man and not a woman. :)

Scenario 2 - Writing "Monkey Notes" (Conduct Notes) before Going Home for the Day
Student: "You know why I did better today and didn't have to get a note?"
Teacher: Puzzled "No, why?"
Student: "I got the wax out of my ears."
If that's the trick, maybe I should keep some Q-tips in my classroom.

Scenario 3 - End of the Day - Time for Dismissal to Start
Student: (Mad) "I am leaving and never coming back."
Teacher: "Oh really?  We will miss you."
Student: "You are really going to miss me when it comes time to pull that rope."
I was puzzled at first of what he was talking about, but realized he was referring to the tug of war competition at Field Day.  Needless to say, he came back the next day. :)

Scenario 4 - Guest Reader for Top Toucan Week (Star Student)
Reader: "Do you know what it means to homeschool?"
Student: "You sleep in school!"

Scenario 5 - Small Group Reading
Teacher: "I am so sorry.  I have the hiccups, today."
Student: "You need some pickle juice."
Teacher: "What does pickle juice do?"
Student: "It will get rid of your hiccups.  I saw it on TV so that means it is true."

Scenario 6 - Math Lesson on Geometry
Teacher: "Here is a trapezoid." Drawing it on the board.
Student: "A trapezoid is like a triangle's momma, because it's fat."

Scenario 7 - Dismissal Time
Teacher: "Please put your jackets on.  It is cold outside."
Student: "I don't like wearing this coat.  It makes me look like Fat Albert."

Hey, Hey, Hey!

Scenario 8 - Station Time - Students in Kapok Corner (Nonfiction book library)
Student to other Students: "Want me to show you some nasty pictures?"
Teacher: Not sure what to think, because I knew I had read every book over in the library.  I was quickly trying to figure out what the student was talking about.
Assistant: Staring at me wondering what is this student talking about.
Student: Showing the "nasty" picture to the other kids. "These are your blood vessels!"
Woah! What a relief!

Scenario 9 - Christmas time listening to Kids Christmas station on Pandora
Alvin and the Chipmunks came on Pandora and the class started all singing
1 Student: "This song drives me crazy."  He covers his ears.
Scenario 10 - Small Group Reading Lesson - Last group out of 4 - This group consisting of all boys
Teacher: "Does anyone know what this word is?"
Student: "Duty!"
Group: Laughter coming from all the boys
I did not get it at first, because none of the other groups had laughed.  Then I realized that the boys were not saying it right.  I had to explain how to say it and what duty meant.

Scenario 11 - Small Group Reading Lesson
Teacher: "Does anyone know what this word is?"
Student: "Wrap!"
Teacher: "Can anyone tell me what wrap means."
Group: Bursts out rapping a song.
Oh, those homophones!

Scenario 12 - Pack-up Time
Teacher: "The paper on your folder needs to go in your Left at Home pocket."
Student: "This paper feels like fried bacon!"
Teacher: "Fried bacon? It is called cardstock."

Scenario 13 - Students turning in papers
Teacher: "Make sure to put your paper on my table when you get done."
Student: "I kinda messed up so don't get worried if the paper is stuck to the table."
I guess he knows me way to well!

Scenario 14 - Discussing Fruits and Vegetables
Student: "Mrs. Elizabeth, do fruits of vegetables make you taller?"
Teacher: "I don't know. You should be eating both every day."
Student: "Well I need to know, because I need to get taller."
Scenario 15 - Free Time for Students
Student 1: "You should be reading instead of playing."
Student 2: "Mrs. Elizabeth said it was free time."
Student 1: "Yes, but no reading equals no learning."

 There is definitely never a boring day with these students.  I love every minute of it!


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